ARLO SHEEP First Aid Kit You Can CUDDLE!

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Boo Boo plushies give more than just BIG HUGS ... find bandages, stickers, a squishy gel icepack & more HIDDEN INSIDE their zipper tummy!

Calms Anxiety & Boo Boos, Too.

Arlo Sheep Includes:

  • 1 gel freezer pack (for hot/cold use)
  • 12 matching Arlo bandages
  • 6 fun matching Arlo character stickers
  • 3 antibiotic ointment packets


Arlo's happy face, sweet smile and fun soft ball-shaped body, give this irresistibly plush friend his lovable charm. Arlo is always ready to share secrets and give hugs.

Calms anxiety. Comforts and soothes. 

Perfect for kids, teens, and grandparents, too. 

Character illustrations by artist and children's book illustrator, Alexander Elliot.


12 STERILE & SELF ADHESIVE BANDAGES 100% Latex Free, 3/4" x 3"

SUPER SOFT REUSABLE GEL BEAD PACK. HOT + COLD Freeze it to soothe bumps & bruises, insect bites, fevers, sunburns, ear aches, sprains & growing pains. 

COLD: Place in freezer for one hour before use.

HOT: Warm in hot water before use or microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Non-toxic gel beads.  BPA Free.  Wipe clean.

Fun Tips:

Slip heated packs in mittens or pockets for instant winter warmth.

Place one or two in your lunch box to keep food fresh and cold.  

  • Super soft plush toy with a Boo Boo Kit inside!
  • Arlo Sheep Plushie 8"Wx8"Dx10"H
  • Arlo's gel freezer pack 10cmx11cm
  • Hand wash only
  • Refill kits sold separately
  • Ages 3+
  • Adult supervision is required when using this product.